Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

Suicide Silence Design (My Interpretation)

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The Heavy Metal Poisoning

The Heavy Metal Poisoning Lyrics

Trying to dwell

This wicked hell

Will make me yell

As loud as a giant bell

Trapped in a forsaken land

where there is no man

and all I see is just a sea of sand

I don't know how long I can stand

somebody please take my hand

and put this horror to an end

Wake me up from this nightmare

Coz I don’t want to be trapped in this monster’s lair

You gotta kill the beast and shut its deadly stare

Before I’m eaten alive by this fuckin’ despair

Would You save me from this

Or Should I sail over the seven seas?

So I could find a calming peace

And serenity that I really miss

Trying to dwell

And live this hell

Will make me yell

As loud as a giant bell

Sit on a wishing well

What is it gonna sell?

Oh, can I break this spell?

Only time will tell

Give me an answer to this mystery

before I become a history

The One Man Band (T.O.M.B.)

T.O.M.B. Lyrics

Who do you think you are? Telling me how to behave

Making fun of me, insulting me

Treating me as if I were the most sickening creature ever existed

How dare you judge me just by the way I look

I’m just being myself, I’m just being me

Your shitty words disgust me 2x

You don’t know me at all

And what’s even worse is that you never realize

Your own degraded mind, Your own depravity, Your own immorality

Just take a look at your ugly face, take a look at your nasty reflection in the mirror

I think it’s crying for an instant death

What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger

Verbal attack, mental abuse, and cruel mistreatment mean nothing to me

Coz bruise and pain are my daily meal

So you better shut your fuckin’ mouth

and eat the crap that comes out of your stinkin’ ass

And just get the hell out of my face motherfucker

Or Ima beat the shit out of you

Get the fuck out of my face motherfucker

Before I make you wish you had never been born


TalkingAboutTheGreatestRiffOfAllTime Lyrics

There was a hot stunning lady in tight black latex suit

Who invited me to join a journey full of twisted fantasies

Both of her hands were tied

and her sexy long legs were chained

She said she wanted some pain to arouse herself

So she asked me to fulfill her blazing desire

She said she would love to have her well-shaped ass whipped

And she wanted it so bad coz it turned her on

(She’s a sex slave) Oh she blew my mind

(She’s a sex slave) How I wanted to grab her and rip her clothes

and it felt so good to know that she wanted the same thing, too

So we rolled in the hay all night until we had no energy left

and we laid powerless on the love bed with naughty smiles on our faces

and we repeated the same thing that we had done the following day

and that time we knew that we shared the same restricted sexual taste

To Hell and Back

To Hell And Back (Catacombs Movie Reinterpreted) Lyrics

She was trapped in a limestone labyrinth tunnel full of skulls and skeletons,

so she tried to find the way out but she was just running in circle

Then things turned from bad to worse

When a murderous psychopath materialized

And started to play his sick game on her mind

She kept on praying for any miracle to come but nothing happened – aww

Nothing happened

and that was the time she left God for good… She was on her own

She was on her fucking own

And as she was trying to escape for dear life

The frightening terror was poisoning her mind from the inside

Hallucination and delusion of painful death haunting her

The roaring chainsaw, the maniacal laughter of a sick murderer

Cold sweat and throbbing pain triumphed over her

Her body betrayed her and she collapsed to the floor

And while the homicidal maniac was drawing nearer to claim her life

she was crying and begging for mercy

as fear and panic were consuming her brain

But then he stopped and then laughed out loud

and he told her that everything was just a stupid prank crafted by her friends

They appeared later and explained the fuckin’ tale

Well, too bad, that was way too much for her

The hopelessness, the humiliation, the anger, the retribution

Everything was so nasty... Everything was so wrong

They had awaken the devil inside her and given birth to insanity

The had unleashed the most evil force ever existed

And it wasn’t pretty at all

She grabbed the electric chainsaw and brutally killed ‘em all

The prey became the hunter… The victim turned into a monster…

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… the greatest nightmare of all time

The new generation of brutal slaughter machine… The modern walking guillotine

The King Of Hell

The King Of Hell Lyrics

They say the king is coming

They say the time is near

Holy fuck! Is that right?

Or is it just a stupid tale?

How can we believe when we never see?

How can we believe the things they force us to believe?

Nothing seems to make any sense within religion

Everything in it is just too bloody weird to believe

And it’s way too overrated

We don’t need those fabricated lies and riddles anymore

We want nothing but the truth

And … God… I know You’re listening to our questions

Where are You? What do You want from us?

Why have you never shown yourself to us?

We just want to know

We want You to come and show Yourself

We need no mystery

We want some revelation

So please enlighten us

Coz we hate being kept in the dark for so long

Don’t just leave us with nothing

Or we’re gonna erase you from our minds for eternity

Revenge of the Succubus

Revenge of the Succubus Lyrics

She is soaring above the night sky looking for her prey

She wants more seeds, She wants more blood, oh she’s so fuckin’ thirsty

Nobody knows why, but it’s part of her daily needs

Many said that it was her way of vengeance

to humankind, to the angels, and to God

and she still vaguely remembers leaving Eden

It was not the place where she belonged

She belongs here… with us

Just look at her

She’s breathtakingly beautiful, yet she’s so fucking deadly

Believe me

You don’t want her as enemy

You only want her as your bedmate


The Journey To The Underworld

The Journey To The Underworld Lyrics

No human can tell me where I am going when I am dead

Is it heaven or is it hell?

My final destination remains a mystery for a lifetime

And to hell with the bible

It never provides me a real answer

Its content is full of metaphors

Well, all it does is bringing me bigger and bigger questions

Somebody please set it on fire

And I bet you feel the same way as I do

So what are you waiting for…

Just try to kill yourself and find the answer

Then come back here and share it with me

Am I scared of my afterlife?

I think I am

But I can’t just live my life in fear anymore

Man, we’re trapped in an infinite dubiousness

Obliterating the Last Vestige of Barbarism

Obliterating the Last Vestige of Barbarism Lyrics

I wonder how human beings have become ignorant yet arrogant children of bitches

They think they’re so powerful

While in fact they’re so fuckin’ weak

So why are they so afraid of an invisible god?

And how come the fear of him consumes their bloody mind from the inside

It’s so dumb

Oh, it’s so dead wrong

And wait a minute, what is it with those clerical preaches?

Can’t they see that what they sell is just a bunch of lies

made by their predecessors?

Why are they so scared of 666?

It’s just a… It’s just a stupid number… It’s only a stupid fuckin’ number

Don’t they know that what they can’t see can never hurt them?

I always think that the Book of Revelation

is no better than a shitty science fiction

I think it’s just only a pile of meaningless stories written by a raving maniac

And I know there’s no need to fear the pit coz we’re in it already

And we can just forget any shitty talk about heaven

Because we don’t even know it really exists anyway

I say we rip the heads of every priest and priestess

and throw ‘em to the hungry wolves

Burn those deceitful writings called holy books coz they’re full of stupid lies

And let us destroy the houses of worship

and rebuild them as schools for the enlightened

Freedom from religion… Freedom from the darkest spell

Freedom from any kind of faith… Freedom from ignorance

I’m the bringer of light and I came to obliterate the last vestige of barbarism

(Are you with me? Are you with me?)

I’m the bringer of light and I came to obliterate the last vestige of barbarism

(Are you with me? Are you with me?)

Master Of Deceit

Master Of Deceit Lyrics

He claimed himself the modern messenger of god

And those ignorant people took his words for granted

They left their families and loved ones and followed him to a land of peace

But nobody knew at the time that he would be their fuckin’ doom

A deranged man with such a great skill of subtle brainwashing

misled his people to their graves

and how come nobody realized that in the first place?

Who the hell did that lunatic think he was?

A prophet? or a holy man? Or a fuckin’ god?

He was just a drug addict with serpent tongue

He was the master of deceit

No, He was the grand master of deceit

Then a hero came to bring back those who were bound within his power

And some with clear minds were ready to go back to civilization with the savior

Sadly, that raving maniac and his inner circle slain those who tried to run

Bang!... Blood splattered everywhere…

And then he blindly led his followers to commit that inhuman suicidal fucking ritual

Infants, children, men, women, young and old, sick and healthy,

all ended up fucking dead

Corpses everywhere

And it was all because of that bloody fuckin’ mad man

He was playing god

He was a suicidal mass murderer

Aww, he was the grand master of deceit

He was the grand master of deceit

And it was such a fucking disgrace to modern human race

Is Man A Blunder Of God or Is God A Blunder Of Man?

Is Man A Blunder Of God or Is God A Blunder Of Man? Lyrics

Everywhere I go, I sense the signs of earth’s fuckin’ downfall

Everybody lies and everybody kills

I wonder why we have become so low

the devil will laugh, he will laugh so hard

that the angels will cry

We’re destroying ourselves

Yeah, we’re destroying ourselves

We’re destroying ourselves and raising hell on earth

And we’re eaten alive, yes we’re eaten alive.

We’re eaten alive by the sins that we’ve committed

we’ve lost ourselves again

but we never realize that our hope is fading

and we’ve lost our faith again…

God, are you there? If so, why don’t you save us?

We can’t just pray and wait for nothing

Coz we don’t want to

Two hands working on something can do more

than a thousand clasped in prayer.

Where are you God? Do you even care?

Wait… Do you even exist anyway?

Coz after all these times, you never show yourself

And I have more questions

If you’re so damn benevolent as it’s always said,

then why is the world like it is right now?

Where does the grand idea of apocalypse

and the annihilation of human race come from?

Are we a blunder of yours or are you a blunder of ours?

I think I know the answer

Creating you on day one was our biggest failure

Lucifer's Invitation

Lucifer’s Invitation Lyrics

You never believe in something that is real

So just be ready for what I shall reveal

Superstitions and empty rituals have stolen your will

So now you are just a prey for me to kill

You don't realize that you've been trapped in a web of lies

and how long have you been living with that slave mentality?

You see, all those prayers has turned into a pile of invisible waste

Now that your faith is slowly fading

So I think it would be polite enough to ask you to forget your fucking god

and I shall break the dark spells that's imprisoning your mind

Oh no, wait

Are you scared?

Don't be!

For I am Lucifer, the bringer of light

and yes, I will open your eyes and set you free

Is man a blunder of god or is god a blunder of man?

Nobody has found the answer yet

But answering such question is not important at all

What's of the essence is that you join me

coz I'd rather we live like lions for a day

instead of being the weak sheep for eternity

and to all those who have desecrated and defiled my name

May you rot in the imaginary hell you created from day one

I hope your fabricated omnibenevolent god be cursed forevermore

Coz in fact, he is the most malevolent entity ever