Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Martyr Defiled - Masochrist Lyrics

Vicious fundamental beliefs lead to the restraint of independent thought - where did the message of hope get fucking lost? FAITH IS A FUCKING LIE. Left to face salvation at the hands of a god we never believed in - how can we ever find the courage to break free from the cycle of regurgitated bullshit? WE ARE ALL FUCKED. Enlightened man makes the decision for his peers, and to contest is what we call sacrilege. THIS IS NOT THE PATH TO SALVATION, THIS IS NOT A ROAD TO REDEMPTION -
we are all born to serve in our own private and personal hell. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

Giving up their life to serve a false cause, can't they see they're living a lie? NOTHING IS REAL, everything is a pretense to another end - we will lie beneath the ground. TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION IS THE END GOAL- we're all fucked.

The powers that reign in our intellectual sensitivies are the same that control our influx of our life supply. THE ONLY TRUTH IS THERE IS NO TRUTH - we are all force fed digested and remnants of lies.

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